American Sign language  (ASL)
for the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing
in New Jersey
Interpreting Services for the Deaf

Offering professional services at highly competitive rates.

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Nationally Certified American Sign Language
Interpreters for the Deaf in New Jersey


Phone: 732-539-2519
Fax: 732-458-2201 

Here is some helpful information to learn more about the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
National Association of the Deaf

Helpful Tips:

Here are my tips for working with an interpreter:

1) Eye contact with Deaf person is very important. Speak directly to the Deaf person.

2) Speak naturally, at your normal pace.

3) Make sure the room has good lighting.

4) Explain jargon, technical terms or acronyms that are specific to your industry. The interpreter may not know these terms and may need additional clarification.

5) If you have notes, an agenda, or hand outs, please provide copies to the interpreter beforehand if possible.

6) Have a brief meeting with interpreter beforehand if you have never worked with one before. He/she can explain the process to you.

7) If you are using a DVD or videotape, make sure it is CLOSED CAPTIONED!!!!! Please take care of this before the meeting. It is very important.

8) Work together to make communication with your Deaf client comfortable and accurate.

9) If you have any questions for the interpreter directly, please wait until after the meeting is finished.

10) Call me if there are any additional questions, problems or concerns!

(732) 539-2519

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